What I wore today

Happy Sunday!


Went to the city centre to pick up a few essential and this is what I manage to put together. The cardigan/sweater was from a charity shop for 2.99, what a bargain. I am obsessed with hats and knitted wear, if I see it and I like it; I have to get it. Cardigan/sweater are very easy to work with, you can literally pair them with almost everything (Jeans, skirt, shorts to name a few) and good for layering during winter.

The bag is from Debenhams and it was a gift from my mum, to be honest 90 percent of my bags was either gifted to me by her or was borrowed from her (and by borrow I mean taking without asking and never giving it back kind of borrow). Faux fur is one of the trend for winter 2011, especially faux fur coats. Faux fur coats are very glamorous, it adds a touch of glam to any outfit.

Necklace is from Mocha-Holics. I am not a big fan of accessories I rarely wear them and if I wear them I take it off after a couple of minute. It’s just not me especially rings.

Shoe: New Look

Shirt and Jeans: Primark

Hat: Claires

Thanks for Reading!



26 thoughts on “What I wore today

  1. Wouah, I love this outfit! I wish I could do this. I always wear boring stuff. I don’t much time to shop so when I do, I go for basics and stuff that will match with everything, but then it’s so boring. I will definitely come back to see what else you wear and maybe you will inspire me. Thanks.

  2. Urm… Just one sentence. I love you! Okay, can’t stop there. I literally went ‘OMG’! The sweater, the shoes, lord the shoes! I HATE yellow and anything in that family but I would totally wear that! You go! Beautiful!

  3. I like how you a textured/pattern sweater and gave it a little colorful sneak peek with the dress shirt inside, then fisnished it off with a statement piece. Great outfit.

  4. Wow! Love the outfit. Very vintage and you add a fab contemporary twist to it!
    I think I need to stop listening to people who shun charity shops (I work in one!) you can get some fab stuff in there (as you have proved)!
    Indie x x x

  5. Really love this look – particularly the colour-pop of those yellow court shoes from New Look& the statement necklace! Plus chunky knits are a big feature of my Winter wardrobe too – perfect from layering up in the cold!

    You have excellent taste (as does your mum – the bag is gorgeous!)

    Stay stylish, xoxo

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